The Demon Lords of The Abyss?

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In this article, we go through a list of the most powerful demon princes in Dungeons and Dragons.

Demon Princes

Demon Lords are evil diety’s who, along with the Arch-Devil rulers of hell, the kings and queens of the dragons and the gods themselves, are the ultimate adversaries that your character could ever face in your DnD campaign world. The Demon Lords rule over the Abyss and, this being the home of chaotic beings, do so by wielding brutal power over their minions, there being no structure or hierarchy in place. Demon Lords are generally found ruling one or more Planes of the Abyss and are constantly engaged in power struggles with their rivals over control of such territory. Demon Lord titles are self-appointed, again due to there being now social or class structure, but the most powerful of them tend to be known as demon princes.

Canon and Non-Canon Demons

Perhaps more than any other creature in DnD, it is the Demons who have had most written about them and so there is a wealth of material to call on. Not only the current 5e rules but previous Monstrous Manuals, numerous supplements such as Out of The Abyss and appendices such as  Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss provide plenty of inspirations. The Forgotten Realms setting has its own pantheon of Demons and of course, there is a lot of fun to be derived from creating your own. With 666 Abyssal Planes to populate, you can never create too many.

The 5e rules list 8 Demon Lords and these are found throughout the other spinoff rules and alternate campaign settings.


Baphomet is the Demon Lord of savagery. He appears as a huge, black-furred minotaur, wielding an oversized glaive called Heartcleaver, though with his charge, bite and gore attacks, he is just as likely to charge an opponent as engage in weapon combat. He is magically resistant, has an innate spell-casting ability and like the Minotaurs who are his chosen followers, has the ability to recall his way through complex labyrinths and mazes.

The Demon spends his time in his labyrinth on the 600th layer of the abyss, in his tower of science, where he produces more refined and powerful demons to unleash.


It takes the title Prince of Demons, though most other Demon Princes dispute this position, and is seen to be the master of chaos, corruption, and destruction.

Its body is a true manifestation of chaos, vaguely that of a giant ape but with two heads, tentacle-like arms, and taloned feet. As well as the innate spell-casting ability and magic resistance that most Demon Lords have, it can physically attack with bites, tentacles and its tail and has a gaze that causes madness in all those who catch its eye.

Demogorgon has one fatal flaw, that his two heads have two different personalities. Two heads are not always better than one, especially when both are insane and hate each other with a vengeance, as is the case here. This likely is what keeps Demogorgon from truly conquering the Abyss.


Although he can appear in any form that he chooses, Fraz-Urb’luu tends to appear in the guise of a giant gargoyle. In this form, he will attack with bite, fist and tail strikes, has the usual magical abilities and resistance but perhaps his two greatest weapons are his undetectable nature and the Phantasmal Killer power. 


The biggest contradiction of this Demon Lord is that he rules over the aspects of both pleasure and pain. He is a shape-changer but usually appears as a beautiful humanoid. As such, his physical attack is negligible preferring to use magical attacks and his ability to teleport at will to confront his enemies. 

This is one of the few Demons whose intellect and guile is more than a facade, he is patient, calculating and scheming. He will sometimes be found wielding a Greatsword called Wave of Sorrows.


This demon takes the form of a red ooze, fluid, ever-changing and dotted with eyes that are constantly forming, blinking and then being consumed back into the mass. It can use acid and slime attacks, regenerate and climb walls and cause madness upon those who encounter it.

The true power of Juiblex comes from his connection to Ghaunadaur, one of the ancient elder evil gods. Juiblex is more like an aspect of this greater being rather than a demon in its own right, making his true power rather unknowable.


This Prince of the Undead appears as a vaguely goat-like humanoid, though one which seems also to resemble a bloated corpse, with bat wings. As well as physical attacks and spell-casting abilities he carries the legendary Wand of Orcus, itself a sentient and most evil relic with the ability to bestow both beneficial abilities and detrimental curses on those around it.

He is Demogorgon’s bitterest rival, he has killed gods and raised legions of the dead.


The Lord of The Gnolls naturally enough appears as a huge Gnoll carrying a large, three-headed flail called Butcher. It is large, immensely strong and brutal in combat either wielding the fall or using a bite attack. He is often found surrounded by Gnolls and Hyena, especially when encountered on his home plane, who he can imbue with speed and ferocity.

He is the bitter enemy of Bahopment, a feud that has encompassed him and perhaps stopped him from reaching his true potential as a true Demon Prince. He resides in his realm of the Death Dells within the Abyss.


This Demon Queen of Fungi appears vaguely humanoid though her body is covered in all manner of fungal growths, sprouting mushroom spores and dripping slimes. Her attacks are either magical or through her ability to emit spores which either physically attack her prey or enfeeble their mind.

She has lost ground to Juiblex in a series of feuds and wars and has been a foe and target for adventurers for years. However, she still persists quietly growing in strength in the dark, much like her fungal minions. Though not as strong as many of the other Demon Lords she is still a dangerous adversary.