Things You’ll Need to Get Started with Dungeons and Dragons

Do you have an interest in playing Dungeons and Dragons, but are not quite sure where to start or what you need? Are you eager to play but have absolutely no idea where to begin? Well, we’re here to help and let you know exactly what you need in order to start your DnD adventure. This article will include all the Dungeons and Dragons essentials such as books and kits that are easy to get hold of once you know what you need and where to find them. Let’s jump in!

Dungeons and Dragons Essentials You’ll Need Before Playing

One of the very first things you’re going to need to play Dungeons and Dragons is dice. It’s one of the most widely recognizable things that are involved in the playing of DnD. Since everything happens mainly within your own imagination, dice are important to decide the fate of your character.

Your Dice decide how powerful your attack is, how likely the success of an important skill will be, and much more. But there is not just one type of dice. In fact, you cannot just buy a simple six-sided dice or salvage one from a board game that’s lying around the house. There is a specific kind of dice that is vital to the game, a set of seven different types:

  • A Die with twenty sides (The most important one);
  • A die with twelve sides;
  • A ten-sided die;
  • An eight-sided die;
  • A die with six sides (The regular kind);
  • And a very peculiar shaped four-sided die.

You can get these DnD sets in any style or color you want. At Your Dices online store, you can buy high-quality DnD sets that are all unique in style.

One other thing that is essential for playing DnD is your printed character sheet, without which, the play would be impossible. It’s because you need the record of your character in order to know what they can and cannot do. We made a guide on creating your first character sheet so be sure to check that out if you need any help.

What can I buy to improve my game play?

One of the most popular things to buy for a game of Dungeons and Dragons is the core rulebooks. They are very important, especially for Dungeon Masters. Although you can play without them, it makes your life a lot easier when you can look things up in your own ‘DnD 5E Players Handbook’. They tell you all you need to know about playing DnD. In total, there are three to collect:

  • ‘The Players’ Handbook’;
  • ‘The Dungeon Master’s Guide’;
  • And ‘The monster manual.’

These books can be pricy so if you are just starting out as a player, we suggest that the only one that is essential for you, is the ‘Players Handbook’. It has important information such as how to play, and other instructions to help you. You can purchase the Players Handbook from Amazon Here.

Alternatively, check out our article about how to play Dungeons and Dragons where we explain basic rules of DnD and other cool aspects of this wonderful role-playing game.

Another thing on the list of Dungeons and Dragons essentials that you might wanna purchase is the DnD Starter Set and DnD Essentials Kit. Inside a starter set you will get:

  • An introductory rulebook (Much like a mini player handbook);
  • A pre-written adventure for you and your friends to play;
  • Six pre-generated character sheets;
  • And a set of six blue colored dice.

We highly recommend this set if you are new to DnD and just want a taster, as it provides everything you need to get started. You can buy this from Amazon as well by clicking here.

Now, the Dungeons and Dragons Essentials kit is slightly different, and it includes:

  • An introductory rule book;
  • An adventure book;
  • Six blank character sheets;
  • A dungeon master screen;
  • A set of eleven red dice;
  • A double-sided map;
  • And eighty-one cards that have all of the magic items and characters you will encounter in the adventure provided.

This set is for a person who has dabbled in Dungeons and Dragons but maybe isn’t all the way in yet. It provides materials for someone to be the Dungeons Master and others to play along as characters. It also leaves more to your own imagination as the character sheets are blank for you to fill in yourself. This set is more expensive, and you can also find it on Amazon Here.

So, what dnd accessories might I need?

DnD accessories are not part of Dungeons and Dragons essentials but can make the game interesting. It is always nice to own some extra things that can help you play.

One popular dnd accessory is a character miniature. Not only are these fun to have as a reference for your character’s appearance, but it is also enjoyable every step of the way. From designing it on Heroforge to painting it with the colors you want.

Note that it can be expensive, so there are other ways to get yourself a visual of your character. You can commission character art from websites like Fiverr or even drawing / painting the artwork yourself if your up for it.

You could also invest your spare change in a decorated dnd dice bag or container that can be used to just spice things up.

Alternatively, you could buy a dice tray for you and your friends to roll into so that the dice don’t roll away and off the table (Check out our DnD accessories and find cool stuff there).

Never forget though, that you can NEVER have too many sets of dice! Start a collection and when your friends judge you for hoarding so many dice, tell them that they evidentially do not have enough!

We hope that you found this article helpful in knowing all the things you need to play. At the end of the day, it’s a judgment call on what you do and don’t need in the way of accessories. However, we strongly believe that dnd accessories truly enhance the enjoyment of the game.

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