How Do Hit Dice Work in DnD 5E?

So, you might be asking yourself, what are these things called Hit dice? Why are they so important to the game and how do I know how many I have? Hit Dice in DnD 5E are complicated to navigate, that’s why we’re here to help you.

On your character sheet, you might find that Hit dice are quite important for working out most of the other statistics like armour class, hit points, and so on. Hit dice are also important for other things during gameplay, such as monster strength and recovering hit points once rested.

How do I know how many hit dice my character should have?

Your character’s hit dice depend on your character’s class and level. A Fighters Hit dice would be a D10, and the amount would increase each time you level up, while a wizard’s hit dice is a D6 per wizard level. This means a Fighter would regain more hit points after rest.

This works the same for all fighter-type classes such as barbarian and paladin because they will need more health as they take most of the damage. Magic-user classes have a less powerful hit dice as they lose fewer hit points during battle. The classes and heir Hit dice in 5E are as follows:

  • Barbarian – Twelve-sided die (D12);
  • Paladin – Ten-sided die (D10);
  • Fighter – Ten-sided die (D10);
  • Ranger – ten-sided die (D10);
  • Monk – eight-sided die (D8);
  • Druid – Eight-sided die (D8);
  • Rogue – Eight-sided die (D8);
  • Bard – Eight-sided die (D8);
  • Cleric – Eight-sided die (D8);
  • Warlock – Eight-sided die (D8);
  • Wizard – six-sided die (D6);
  • Sorcerer – six-sided die (D6).

The amount of these hit dice is dependent on your levels in that class. For example, if you are a level one rogue, you have one D8 as your hit dice and that is how much you gain after a long rest. But if you’re a level seven rogue, you have seven D8’s.

How do I calculate my hit point total?

Your hit points are based on your hit dice, added with your constitution modifier. Let’s say you’re a level eight bard, your hit dice are eight D8’s. You would roll your eight-sided dice eight times, and let’s say you roll a total of thirty-five, and your constitution modifier is +1. Your hit points would come to a total of thirty-six. However, if you are in need of a quick number, and don’t have dice near you or at all, you can use the number five, instead of rolling your dice. Instead of rolling eight times, you do eight times five, add your constitution modifier of +1 and you have a hit point total of forty-one. If at first you roll and are not happy with the score, you can use this method instead.

How do I use hit dice to heal?

When in combat, and when you’re severally injured, you might need to Spend your hit dice in order to heal out of combat. Hit dice are a representation of your character’s capacity to survive as they adventure. As your character gains levels, they become harder to kill. Once taking a short rest, you can decide to spend up to all of your hit dice in order to heal. So, if you’ve got six D10’s, you can spend any number of those hit dice to fix up scrapes and bruises or even severe injuries, roll them and that is by how many hit points you heal.

Once spent, these hit dice are unavailable until you take a Long rest. If you have no time for a short rest, you can spend one hit die to take a short breather and heal a little bit at any time you’re not in combat.

We hope this article pains a clearer image of what is hit dice and how they work in DnD 5e. For hit dice 5E you’ll need a reliable set of dice so make sure to check our newest sets here!

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